What does QC stand for ??

Quality Chemicals? Quality Control? What exactly does the QC stand for? The basis for the name “QC” began when Don Gordon, owner of Quality Chemicals Inc. and another Ferrous Sulfate producer, Cosmin Chemicals Inc., merged. They decided to use the “Q” from Quality and the “C” from Cosmin; therefore forming QC Corporation. But what does it mean today?

Almost routinely, someone asks.. “What does the Q and the C in QC Corporation stand for. It must be an acronym for something”? We at QC Corporation would like to think the “QC” is a representation of our Quality Control, Quality Chemicals, Quality Customer service, Quality Compaction, Quality Commitment, Quality & Consistency, and Quality you can Count on, … or maybe all of the above! Ultimately we know that QC stands for our company that was founded, built and nurtured out of integrity and loyalty to the industries we serve.

For us, QC stands for our the highest level of satisfaction available to our customers, suppliers and industry partners.