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Agricultural • Turf and Ornamentals • Micronutrient Fertilizers • Lawn and Garden • Horticulture • Moss Control • Crop Production

Ferrous Sulfate products and QC’s Diamond Brand® Granular Micronutrients are used throughout the Agricultural, Turf Management, Horticulture and Lawn and Garden Industries. Ferrous Sulfate and Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate are used to correct Iron Chlorosis and to condition soils that are deficient in available iron or are high in alkalinity (high pH). These products eliminate moss and promote green-up and plant health in Lawn and Garden, Golf Course, Turf Management, Ornamental and Crop applications. Other QC Diamond Brand® Granular Micronutrients are customized to meet specific agronomic needs. Granular SuGrow® is an iron sucrate micronutrient produced using a unique reaction process. This process combines iron in a reducible form (oxide) with a reducing sugar to yield iron carboxylates (sucrate). Granular SuGrow® provides a non-staining, soil dispersible source of iron that is biologically available at a relatively high nutrient concentration. Our proprietary compaction process uses a granulation technology that produces uniform granules that are free-flowing, non-caking and wax coated to reduce dust.

Animal Feed

QC’s Diamond Brand® Ferrous Sulfate is used as a feed supplement in the diets of swine, poultry, and other animals to prevent anemia caused by iron deficiencies. Our Diamond Brand® Ferrous Sulfate Standard Monohydrate is mostly used because of its stability, physical properties, packaging and higher iron content (Fe~30%). QC’s Diamond Brand® homogenous Zinc Iron Sulfate powder is a unique product for the animal nutrition market due to its value and homogeneous combination of soluble Zinc and Iron in a Monohydrate (stable) form for trace mineral premixes.

Soil Remediation and Land Reclamation

Ferrous Sulfate is used as a reducing agent in the treatment of hazardous wastes and for soil remediation with contaminants such as Hexavalent Chromium and Sodium Cyanide. QC is the only company in North America with Ferrous Sulfate inventories that are sufficient to meet the needs of large-scale remediation projects.

Hazardous Waste and Water Treatment

Ferrous Sulfate is a coagulant and flocculent used in the treatment of sewage waste, industrial effluents, raw drinking water, and other wastewater sources. It is also used as a reducing agent in the removal of phosphates and odor causing Hydrogen Sulfide from various waste sources.

Chemical Process Industries

QC’s granulation process is capable of cost efficiently producing truckload quantities of homogeneous, granular, low dust combinations – formulated to customer ingredient and granulation requirements. Applications include Fertilizer, Chemicals, Glass, Refractory Materials and Metallurgical Components.

Diamond Brand® Ferrous Sulfate Products – Other Uses

Fabric & Leather • Dyeing • Inks And Pigments • Brick And Ceramic Color Additive • Ammonia Absorbent For Poultry Litter • Wood Preservative • Drilling Mud Additive • Precious Metal Reduction • Catalyst Manufacture Reactant For H2S In Oil Fields And Sewage (Odor Reducing Agent)