SuGrow® Granular Iron Sucrate

General Information

Granular SuGrow® Iron (Fe ~50%), a QC Corporation Diamond Brand® product, is an iron sucrate micronutrient produced using a unique reaction process. This process combines iron in a reducible form (oxide) with a reducing sugar to yield iron carboxylates (sucrate). Granular SuGrow® Iron provides a non-staining, soil dispersible source of iron that is biologically available at a relatively high nutrient concentration. This compaction process uses a granulation technology that produces uniform granules that are free-flowing, non-caking and wax coated to reduce dust. SuGrow® Iron is available in particle sizes SGN 100 to SGN 260. SuGrow®Iron is an iron micronutrient source for the Lawn and Garden, Turf Management, Agricultural and Commercial Fertilizer industries, and is effective over a wide range of pH soil conditions.