Granulated Fertilizer Micronutrients

QC Corporation offers its’ own line of Granulated Fertilizer Micronutrients as well as Contract Manufacturing and Toll Processing of Granulated Materials.  Our compaction process makes us the only micronutrient producer that can offer 100% water solubility in a granulated product and the ability to granulate mixtures of sulfates, chelates, sucrates, oxysulfates, and oxides to yield immediate, intermediate, and long term uptake.  Our proprietary curing, double screening and wax coating process enables us to produce homogenous, hard, low dust granules that are ideal for bulk blending fertilizer operations or direct spreader applications. As described in “Quality Management,” sampling and testing is performed at critical process points from raw materials used to finished granular products. These products help prevent or correct micronutrient deficienies while achieving higher and more profitable yields in Lawn and Garden, Golf Course, Turf Management, Ornamental and Crop applications. Granular Micronutrients Brochure PDF.

Granulation Benefits

  • Uniform particle size & analysis to prevent particle segregation & deficiencies in fertilizer blends
  • Combined micronutrient granule, for consistent dispersion into soil
  • Various particle sizes to meet any specification or requirement
  • Double screened and wax coated to provide homogenous, low dust, hard granules; ideal for bulk blends and direct spreader applications
  • Homogeneous granulation for consistency in application, performance and release
  • Uniform size and color for improved physical appearance and market appeal.
  • Products can be coated for controlled release
  • Economies of scale in purchasing & processing multiple components into a single, customized homogeneous granulate, i.e., reduced handling, better inventory control and supplier consolidation
  • Value-add for improved quality, accuracy and performance

QC Capabilities

  • Ability to change/vary ratios of soluble micronutrients to total micronutrients by adjusting sulfate to oxide ratios in our compaction process
  • Volume processing from a minimum of 100 tons to a maximum of 20,000 tons
  • Wax coating option for enhanced dust control
  • Shipments available from production facilities in Cape Girardeau, Missouri only
  • Fully automated process that feeds, weighs, mixes, compacts, granulates, sizes and packages products in accordance with customer requirements
  • Pilot plant with full service product development capability
  • 20 years experience in large-scale compaction and granulation operations
  • Comprehensive laboratory with ICP and AA capability.