Ferrous Sulfate Products

The ONLY Domestic Producer of All Forms of Ferrous Sulfate in North America

Diamond Brand® Ferrous Sulfate is produced to meet QC Corporation’s exacting specifications for quality and consistency. It is an inorganic chemical compound consisting of soluble Iron (Fe), Sulfur (S), Oxygen (O) and Water (H2O) and is produced in either liquid or crystalline forms. The chemical formula for Ferrous Sulfate is FeSO4•XH2O. It is generated by reacting iron with sulfuric acid and water. QC Corporation’s Diamond Brand® Moist Ferrous Sulfate, also referred to as Copperas, is produced as a co-product from the processing of ilmenite ore during the manufacture of the Titanium Dioxide paint pigment, or as a co-product of the pickling of steel. Both Industrial Processes offer Ferrous Sulfate in a moist crystalline form containing approximately 8% of free or exterior Water, ~44% of interior Water, ~17% Iron, ~30% Sulfate (Sulfur + Oxygen), and less than 1% of miscellaneous trace elements by weight. This material is also referred to as Moist Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate because of its interior water content. QC’s Diamond Brand® Ferrous (Iron) Sulfate products are the only Canadian registered source of Ferrous Sulfate as a Pest Control Product (PCP) under the Canadian PCP Act.

Our Drying Process

Once approved for quality by our In-House Laboratory, Moist Ferrous Sulfate is processed by our automated manufacturing system, which includes drying, screening and packaging. The Moist Heptahydrate crystals are dried using gas fired rotary kilns.  As heated air is drawn through the crystals, exterior water evaporates, leaving a Dried free-flowing Heptahydrate that is screened for uniformity.  Further drying at higher temperatures will remove six of the seven interior molecules of water in Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate to produce a free flowing Dried Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate product that is also screened for uniformity.  With two independent gas fired rotary kilns – and additional drying capacity at Add-Iron (North Lima, Ohio) – we have the largest Ferrous Sulfate drying capacity in North America, which is in excess of 60,000 dried tons per year.  Dried Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate is also compacted and granulated through our compaction granulation process, and milled and screened for uniformity in various Coarse and Fine Granular particle sizes.  Our granular Ferrous Sulfate Products can also be wax coated for dust control after screening.  All Ferrous Sulfate Products are tested by our on site lab for chemical analysis and heavy metals using AA and ICP equipment.  All of the forms of Ferrous Sulfate that are processed and offered by QC Corporation are “Technical Grade” materials (not fit for human consumption) and are low in heavy metals.  Our Diamond Brand® Ferrous Sulfate products are made to meet or exceed all Federal, State or Local regulations for heavy metals and other impurities.