Effective July 1, 2016, QC Corporation will be changing its name to Verdesian Life Sciences. In today’s fast-moving business environment, change is necessary and desirable to remain competitive, and to continue bringing our customers the highest quality products and services. Both QC Corporation and Verdesian Life Sciences are market leaders in their own right. The synergy that will come from combining our respective resources and efforts will enable us to offer a much broader range of plant health and micronutrient products to help meet your needs.

Ferrous Sulfate

For 41 years, we have been North America’s largest processor of dried Ferrous Sulfate. Learn more about ferrous sulfate.

NutripactionTM Technology

NutripactionTM is a proprietary compaction granulation technology where raw materials, including fertilizer micronutrients and other plant health and nutrition ingredients, are combined into a homogenous granule. This process allows for maximum flexibility in combining raw materials in various forms, as the process is a physical granulation process resulting in maintaining the chemical integrity of the raw materials in the finished granule.

Granulated Fertilizer Micronutrients

We compact micronutrients into granular fertilizer components for several industries.  Our compaction granulation NutripactionTM Technology is a physical granulation process that does not alter the integrity or chemistry of the starting raw materials. Sulfate and Chelate raw materials are not chemically reacted or oxidized during compaction. This allows us to produce products with high water solubility and true chelation in an analytically consistent, low dust, homogenous granule. Our products are compacted using combinations of finely divided small particles that are uniformly blended and compressed together to produce homogenous granules that are consistent in chemical content and size (SGN). Once exposed to moisture contained in soils, our granules break back down into finely divided particles that eventually migrate to root systems of the plants being fertilized. Our NutripactionTM Technology also allows for the complexing of various plant nutrients, including bio-stimulants. Learn more about our granulated micronutrients Products.

Granulation Services

We offer Contract Manufacturing and Toll Processing of Granulated Materials for the Fertilizer, Animal Nutrition, Chemical, Concrete, Fertilizer, Glass, Metallurgical and Refractory Materials industries at our Cape Girardeau, Missouri plant.  Learn more about our granulation services.