Welcome to QC Corporation

With its Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and manufacturing facilities and quality control laboratories located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and North Lima, Ohio, QC Corporation and its affiliate company Add-Iron Corporation are dedicated to being high quality suppliers of Ferrous Sulfate Products and Granulated Micronutrients.

Ferrous Sulfate

For 41 years, QC Corporation and Add-Iron Corporation have been North America’s largest processor of dried Ferrous Sulfate. Learn More about Ferrous Sulfate.

Granulated Fertilizer Micronutrients

QC Corporation compacts micronutrients into granular fertilizer components for several industries.  We produce granular sulfates, chelates, sucrates, oxysulfates, and oxides. We can granulate combinations of these various forms of chemicals for immediate, intermediate, and long term uptake. Our granular products can also be polymer coated for controlled release in soil. Learn More about our Granulated Micronutrients Products.

Granulation Services

QC Corporation offers Contract Manufacturing and Toll Processing of Granulated Materials for the Animal Feed, Chemical, Concrete, Fertilizer, Glass, Metallurgical and Refractory Materials industries at our Cape Girardeau, Missouri plant.  Learn More about our Granulation Services.